OEM Halogen to OEMLed Headlight Conversion | F-150 | 15-20


Sale price$270.99


Considering that Ford may not have gotten the memo about halogen headlights being old news, we offer you a solution. Our oem halogen to oem led conversion harness. 100% oem operation because it is all oem. By installing 4 wires into the BCM, that are absent in halogen headlight equipped trucks, but present in all factory led equipped trucks, we are telling the BCM that the truck has oem led headlights. Programming is required using FORScan. Installation instructions and all programming code charges are included. No tricks, not resistors, direct battery connections or fuse taps are required….. and trust us, the end result is totally worth the effort! Dont settle for the lackluster oem halogen headlights when you can has the badassed look and performance of oem led headlights!

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