Tri Fold Vs Retractable Vs Rolling Bed Covers

As a truck owner, one of the most useful features of your truck is your bed. However, without a cover, you can’t leave anything of value in your bed overnight or in public places. That is where a truck tonneau cover comes into play.

A tonneau cover is a cover for the bed of your truck that protects your valuables and allows you to keep items safe from thieves. With various options available for your truck, it can take time to determine which is best for your budget and needs. Today, we at Deviate Dezigns will walk you through the differences between the most popular bed covers.

Bed Cover Differences

Tri-Fold Bed Covers

A tri-fold bed cover is a hardcover that consists of three panels that fold onto each other to cover and uncover your truck’s bed. As one of the most popular tonneau covers, these bed covers are perfect for those who want a sleek hardcover but do not want to pay the price of a retractable bed cover. Price-wise, these are less expensive than retractable covers but more expensive than rolling bed covers.

Retractable Bed Covers

Retractable bed covers are usually the most expensive option, but they are worth every penny. Retractable bed covers have more stopping points, allowing you to have more control on the amount of bed coverage you receive. You will also get a more convenient storage option as retractable bed covers retract back into a storage box mounted into the truck's bed. These bed covers are usually constructed to give your bed a waterproof seal to keep your valuables safe and dry.

Rolling Bed Covers

Rolling bed covers are one of the most affordable bed covers and will require more work than tri-fold and retractable bed covers. Rolling bed covers are covers that roll back and are secured to the back of the bed with straps in most cases. Depending on the brand, some rolling bed covers may offer a water-tight seal when laid out completely. Even though this bed covers roll up to the back window, they are designed not to block the view of your back window.

Which Is Best For Me?

The best tonneau cover for your specific truck will depend on a few factors. You will need to consider your budget, what you want from your cover, and how you will be using your cover. All three options are great options for those looking for security and protection from the elements. However, some covers may offer more enticing features for certain truck owners. Taking into consideration these three factors should help make your decision much easier to find the right tonneau bed cover for your truck. 

High-Quality Bed Covers From Deviate Dezigns

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