Top 5 EcoBoost F-150 Mods

Driving an Ecoboost F-150 can be a thrilling experience, especially when you have the right modifications to give it that extra power boost. But with so many mods out there, which ones should you choose? In this blog, we've rounded up the top 5 must-have mods for your Ecoboost F-150 truck. From an oil separator to a lowering kit, we'll cover all the essentials that will take your driving experience to the next level.

Top 5 EcoBoost F-150 Mods

5 Must Have Mods For F-150 Ecoboost Trucks

Oil Separator

F-150 Ecoboost trucks are known for their powerful engines, but with that power comes a common problem: blow-by. This can cause carbon buildup and decrease the truck's performance over time. An oil separator is an essential mod that can help reduce this issue and improve your truck's overall performance. By reducing the amount of oil that enters the engine's intake system, an oil separator helps prevent engine deposits and maximizes fuel efficiency. Installing an oil separator is a relatively easy process that can be done in just a few hours, and it's well worth the investment for any F-150 Ecoboost owner looking to keep their truck running smoothly. Just remember to perform regular maintenance on your oil separator to ensure it continues working properly.


Every Ecoboost F-150 owner wants the best possible performance out of their truck. Upgrading to a high-flow downpipe is an easy and effective way to achieve that. This mod opens up the exhaust flow, which reduces turbo lag, improves throttle response, and increases horsepower and torque. The result is a more powerful, responsive truck that delivers a better driving experience.

Exhaust Kit

Upgrading your F-150 Ecoboost truck's exhaust kit can do more than just enhance its sound. A new exhaust system can increase horsepower and torque, improving performance. One popular option is the cat-back exhaust kit, which replaces the stock muffler and pipes with larger, mandrel-bent tubing for smoother airflow. 

Cold Air Intake

Maintaining optimal airflow is essential for any engine's performance, and the Ecoboost engine in your F-150 is no exception. Installing a cold air intake can significantly increase your truck's horsepower and torque by allowing more air to reach the engine. Cold air intake mods are particularly popular as they bring in cooler air from outside the engine compartment, resulting in better combustion and increased power. In addition to boosting performance, air intake mods can also give your F-150 a more aggressive sound, making it feel even more powerful on the road.

Lowering Kit

Lastly, lowering kits are a popular modification for F-150 owners who want to improve both the aesthetics and performance of their trucks. By lowering the center of gravity, these kits can enhance handling and stability on the road, providing a smoother ride. In addition to improving performance, lowering kits can also give your F-150 a more aggressive stance by decreasing the gap between the wheels and the fenders. 

Ecoboost F-150 Mods From Deviate Dezigns

As a proud owner of an F-150 Ecoboost truck, you don't settle for mediocrity. At Deviate Dezigns, we understand that desire for excellence and offer a wide range of Ecoboost F-150 mods to help you achieve it. From intake upgrades to suspension enhancements, our offerings are designed to optimize your truck's power, efficiency, handling, and appearance. So why settle for stock when you can have something extraordinary? Explore our mod options today and take your F-150 Ecoboost to the next level!

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