Top 4 Tonneau Covers For F150

You will be presented with a few options when shopping for a tonneau cover for your truck. While you can choose between tri-fold, rolling, and retractable tonneau covers, one of the most important factors is the brand you choose. You will want to choose a brand you can trust, build high-quality covers, and offer a great warranty. Luckily, Deviate Dezigns offers only the best brands in the industry to give you great choices regarding protecting your valuables. Today, we will look at the top 4 tonneau covers for your F150.

Top 4 Tonneau Covers For F150


As a company full of hardcore truck enthusiasts, BakFlip knows exactly what truck owners want - options. One of the challenges many truck owners face is a lack of options regarding bed covers. That is why BakFlip offers a variety of hard folding and hard rolling tonneau covers for various trucks. From the price-friendly G2 bed cover to the top-of-the-line Revolver X4S, Bakflip has something for everyone.


Founded in 1996, Retrax has been a leader in the retractable truck bed cover market for over two decades. The company is committed to excellence in the designing, developing, and manufacturing of power/electric and manual hard retractable truck bed covers. By leveraging its engineering and innovation capabilities, Retrax has created various popular products such as the RetraxPro MX and RetraxONE MX. 

Roll N Lock

ROLL-N-LOCK, a RealTruck brand, is renowned for its diverse range of truck bed covers and other cargo management products that provide exceptional reliability, security, and versatility. With their superior quality construction, these products have earned the trust and loyalty of countless truck owners over the years. This dedication to excellence is further demonstrated by ROLL-N-LOCK’s ISO 9001:2015 certification - a global standard that recognizes organizations that exhibit effective quality management principles. 


UnderCover is a leader in the truck bed cover market and has produced revolutionary one-piece covers since 2001. Their patented design and a proprietary blend of plastic and polymers lend their products unparalleled strength and durability while being approximately half the weight of traditional bed covers. The UnderCover Classic tonneau bed cover was the first competitive alternative to traditional fiberglass truck bed cover, providing consumers with an easy-to-install, lightweight solution.

Which Is Best For Me?

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to finding the best tonneau cover for your specific truck. Your budget must be considered, as well as what you expect from the cover and how exactly you will be using it. The security and protection from each option's elements is of utmost importance. But depending on your truck type, different covers may offer more enticing features or benefits than others. 

Buy F150 Tonneau Covers From Deviate Dezigns

If you are ready to purchase a  high-quality tonneau bed cover for your truck, choose Deviate Dezigns for the best covers in the industry. With an industry-leading customer service team and products to match, Deviate Dezigns is your one-stop shop for all things truck accessories. Shop our full selection of tonneau covers today!

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