Lowering Your F150 - Springs vs Coilovers Vs Air

A lowered F-150 with a nice set of wheels is one of the cleanest setups you can have, especially on a high-horsepower, 5.0 single cab truck. When it comes to lowering your F-150, you are going to have several options to choose from. You can go from something as simple as lowering springs for a quick and easy drop or something as wild as a full air suspension system. Today, we will look at the different lowering options we offer for the F150 at Deviate Dezigns. 

Lowering Your F150 - Springs vs Coilovers Vs Air

Lowering Springs

Starting with the most common and affordable solution, lowering springs are the most popular way to lower your truck. Lowering springs are a tried and true modification for all vehicles and have been the go-to for F150 enthusiasts for decades. They are great for daily driving, racing, or spirited driving and require no maintenance. The only downside is that they are the only non-adjustable suspension setup on this list, so you will be unable to adjust your ride height after installation.


Moving onto the next suspension setup, you get a step up in performance, functionality, and cost. Coilovers will be priced between lowering springs and air suspension kits as they offer more functionality than springs but less than air suspension. Coilovers are great for F150 owners who want to fine-tune their suspension for a specific ride height or to handle better for racing applications. Coilovers are spring and strut combo that can be adjusted using spanner wrenches to soften or tighten the suspension, ultimately raising or lowering the suspension.

Air Suspension

Lastly, air suspension is the way to go if you want to go all out and give your truck the best suspension system possible. Air suspension uses compressed air and air struts to raise and lower your truck at the push of a button. Air suspension systems are the most expensive options, but their capabilities justify the price tag. Air suspension kits will include many different components and will usually require a professional installation, but the results are unlike any other suspension system.

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