Is An Oil Separator Worth It On F-150

Maintaining the performance of your F-150 is crucial for any truck owner, and an oil separator can help achieve that. This upgrade can significantly reduce engine buildup by separating oil and air before it enters the engine. By preventing oil from accumulating in the intake system, you can experience improved fuel efficiency and power output from your truck. The good news is that installing an oil separator is a simple and affordable upgrade that can have long-lasting benefits for your vehicle's performance.

Is An Oil Separator Worth It On F-150

What Is An Oil Separator?

If you're unfamiliar with oil separators, you might wonder what they are and how they work. Essentially, an oil separator is a device that removes oil and other contaminants from the air before it enters your engine. This is important because oil buildup in your engine's intake system can reduce performance over time. By preventing this buildup, an oil separator can help to increase fuel economy, horsepower, and engine lifespan. For F-150 owners who use their trucks for off-roading or towing heavy loads, an oil separator is a beneficial upgrade to consider.

Why Do You Need an Oil Separator in Your F-150?

Investing in an oil separator for your F-150 can have numerous benefits. Preventing oil vapors from entering the engine can help improve engine performance and prolong its lifespan significantly. This is especially important for vehicles with forced induction systems like turbochargers or superchargers, where oil buildup can quickly become a severe issue.

An oil separator can also reduce carbon buildup in the engine, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. Ultimately, investing in an oil separator is a cost-effective way to boost your F-150's performance and ensure it runs smoothly for years.

How An Oil Separator Prevents Oil Buildup In Your F-150

Oil buildup in your F-150's engine is a common problem that can reduce performance and cause costly repairs. An oil separator can help prevent this issue by filtering out oil vapors from the air that enters your engine's intake. This not only helps to prevent buildup and sludge but also improves efficiency by returning the collected oil to the engine's crankcase. By using an oil separator regularly, you can extend the life of your engine and improve overall performance, making it a cost-effective solution worth considering for any F-150 owner.

How Often Should I Empty My Oil Separator

If you have an oil separator installed on your truck, you will need to maintain it as it fills with oil. As a rule of thumb, you will want to empty your oil separator every 3,000-4,000 miles. Most people empty the oil separator at every oil change to make sure that they stay on a good schedule and you will already be working on your car anyways.

F-150 Oil Separators From Deviate Dezigns

Now that you know why you need an oil separator on your F-150, its time to start protecting your engine with an oil separator from Deviate Dezigns. Our vast oil separator selection allows you to shop from the biggest brands in the industry and some of the best prices.

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