2016 Ford F150 Lariat Edition | Jared G.

We absolutely love helping our customers' dreams become a reality. When Jared G. told us he wanted his 2016 Ford F150 Lariat Edition to stand out from the rest, we knew exactly what had to be done.

The DV8DZ9 team went with the Belltech 1001SP suspension which is labeled as a 3/4 drop - the kit includes adjustable struts in the front that range from +1” to a 3” drop, perfect for a variety of applications. The rear of the truck has a regular flip kit with lift hangers to achieve the 4” in the rear; we wanted to go a bit lower in the rear so we ended up using the stock shackle which helped us lower the rear about another inch!

2016 Ford F150 Lariat Edition | Jared G. | Deviate Dezigns

Jared does a lot of traveling throughout the state along with his trailer. We knew we needed to add some help in the rear to maximize the comfort of the truck while also maintaining an aggressive look. We installed a set of full bolt-on helper bags from our friends at Inez Hot Rod Customs which provided a smooth ride and mitigated any issues with the frame hitting the axle. We added a few pounds of air, backed the truck to the trailer, and off he went!

2016 Ford F150 Lariat Edition | Jared G. | Deviate Dezigns

Once we finalized the suspension, we needed a set of wheels that could provide a luxury but sporty look as well. We decided to go with the Vossen HF6-2 in Tinted Gloss Black. The Vossen wheels are 24x10 all around with a 25 offset and are wrapped in a 305/35/24 tires. The DV8DZ9 team added a few additional accessories that included Vossen lug nuts and locks along with Vossen's red billet center caps as the finishing touch. These small items provide a great level of detail that do not go unnoticed.

2016 Ford F150 Lariat Edition | Jared G. | Deviate Dezigns

Another item that doesn't go unnoticed are the Alpharex Pro Series headlights. These headlights provide a great appearance along with great visibility - definitely a must-have for any Ford F150 owner that's looking to stand-out! As for performance mods, we went with a Roush cold air intake along with a Magnaflow exhaust to amplify that 5.0 rumble. Overall, this truck looks and drives amazing. We were able to satisfy Jared in all his truck needs while maximizing its full potential.

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