1998-2010 Ford Ranger Lowering Guide

The Ford Ranger is one of the most popular mid-size pickup trucks over the past few decades. They have been lifted, lowered, bagged, and tracked for years and are still an enthusiast’s favorite when it comes to mini truckin. While adding a lift kit to a Ranger is pretty popular, lowering them seems to be the go-to for most Ranger owners. Today, we will look at exactly what you need to lower your 1998-2010 Ford Ranger.

How To Lower The Front Of A 1998-2010 Ford Ranger

If you are familiar with the earlier model Rangers, you know how intimidating it was to lower the front end. With an I-beam suspension system, you were faced with a little more to do when it came to lowering your truck. Luckily, on 98+ Rangers, a control arm setup makes it quite easy to lower the front end.

Lowering Springs

Ford Rangers use a coil spring in the front and a control arm setup on 98+ models. This makes it easy to lower your Ranger, as you can simply replace your factory springs with lowering springs to get a lower stance.

Control Arms

If you want to get lower than normal lowering springs will allow, you can choose aftermarket control arms to get lower. DJM, a leading manufacturer in lowering components, offers aftermarket control arms to allow you to get as low as possible from a static setup.

How To Lower The Rear Of A 1998-2010 Ford Ranger

With a leaf spring setup in the rear, lowering the rear of your 98-10 Ranger is very similar to most trucks. You can use a flip kit and drop shackles to lower the rear end up to 5”. 

Flip Kit

If you have been researching lowering kits for your Ranger, you have probably heard of a flip kit. A flip kit works by relocating the truck’s rear axle above the leaf springs. This lowers the truck's body without affecting the truck's drivability. 

Drop Shackles

You can use drop shackles to get even lower in the rear of your Ranger. Drop shackles are brackets that change the mounting position of the leaf spring. These shackles are usually made from mild steel and have rubber or urethane bushings to help keep your suspension riding smoothly and restore and worn out bushings.

Upgrading Your Shocks

No matter what type of lowering kit or combination you choose, you will need to upgrade your shocks. The factory shocks on your Ranger are great for daily driving and factory ride height, but once you start lowering your truck, they can quickly become damaged.

Aftermarket Shocks Designed For Lowering

At Deviate Dezigns, we carry DJM shocks that are a perfect addition to any lowered Ford Ranger. These shocks are specifically designed for lowered applications and help to keep your truck riding smoothly, even with a 3 / 5 drop. We highly suggest picking up a set of these shocks when lowering your truck to keep your ride as safe and comfortable as possible.

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