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NT90W Tires by Nitto®. Season: Winter / Snow. Type: Performance, Truck / SUV, Fuel Efficient. With advanced 3D interlocking, multi-wave siping, and a silica-infused compound the NT90W is engineered for severe winter driving conditions. It is a studless winter tire sized for crossover vehicles, SUVs and passenger cars and made with a unique blend of sustainable materials that improve winter traction. Crushed walnut shells bite into ice and snow while bamboo charcoal helps absorb water off the road surface.


Non-Traditional Materials

Nitto utilized two unique materials to its winter tire compounds to increase traction.
First, walnut shells acts like “mini-studs” that scratch and dig into ice and snow.
Second, bamboo charcoal is a porous material that works like a sponge to soak up the
thin film of water on icy road surfaces.

Advanced Siping Technologies

Siping is one of the most important tire technologies for wet and snow traction. On
the NT90W, Nitto uses densely packed 3D Multiwave and 3D Interlocking sipes that
provide stable handling performance with less tread flex. The secret is their interlocking
ripple design.

Dual Zone Compound

A tire’s compound greatly influences its performance characteristics. Nitto revolutionized
its winter tire technology by introducing a dual zone compound. The inner half of the tire
aids in winter acceleration/braking and the outer half of the tire aids in winter handling.

Expanded Operating Temperatures

Silica is equally distributed throughout the tread compound for improved winter handling. This helps the tire maintain flexibility at low operating temperatures.

Enhanced Wet Traction

The combination of circumferential grooves and wide lateral grooves evacuate slush from the pattern for increased grip.

Even Tire Wear

Reinforced blocks improve handling stability and helps reduce uneven tread wear.