IHC - 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 4WD 3/5 Lowering Kit (Single Cab)


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IHC - 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 4WD 3/5 Lowering Kit (Single Cab)
  • Will my 4×4 still work? 4WD will still be functional.
  • Will my CV axles bind? cv axles will be at a angle but not enough to cause any binding or vibrations.
  • Can I lower it more than 5″ upfront? Absolutely NOT.! The 3″ is the most that you can lower the 4×4 trucks. Anything more will cause premature wear on cv axles
  • Will it align? IHC upper control arms have threaded ends. No reason why dodge kits wont align.
  • Is cutting required? Cutting is required in the rear for the 4 link relocation brackets to be installed.

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