Heated Steering Wheel | F-150 | 15-20


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Our heated steering wheel harness is designed to enable this oem feature on trucks that did not come from the factory with this option. To enable this upgrade, a new clockspring and heat control module from Ford are required. This is an oem upgrade which, once enabled, will work and operate 100% oem.

Programming is required once all parts are installed to enable. Typically programming is carried out with FORScan.

Truck must also have the 8” touchscreen since the on/off button to power the heated steering wheel is a virtual touch button placed on the 8” screen once all programming is complete. See pic to the left for this button on the touch screen.

Installation instructions with all programming changes are included

This upgrade can be done with ANY oem heated steering wheel 2015-present.

**Please ensure that you select the correct year range of truck when ordering.

2018+ trucks require an alternative connection method due to not having the factory test port. This alternative connection method is already built into the harness and is reflected in the slight price difference for 2018+ trucks

Required Parts:

Clockspring: HL3Z-14A664-B

Heat control module: DG9Z-14B561-A

Retainer pins: CU5Z-14A163-A (qty 3)

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